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If you missed April's meeting, you missed a great discussion

On Tuesday, our guest speaker was Daniel Nelson with the Vote for Marriage NC. He was very informative and very comprehensive in his discussion as to the upcoming vote on May 8th. He pointed out that the left has tons of money to pour into this debate and has once again, attempted to re-define the argument. 

You may have heard the term, Amendment One, and I admit to using it in preparation for this meeting. There is no such thing as Amendment One. It was made up by the left as a marketing strategy. It is easier to say vote against Amendment One instead of saying, vote against marriage as defined for centuries. The left has been redefining and creating terminology to better market their losing arguments. You have heard Pro-Choice instead of what it really is, pro-abortion. This has led to the right doing the same in many instances such as we are now Pro-Life instead of anti-abortion. It is time we quit letting the left define the argument.

Daniel also spoke about the ramifications of this bill not only locally, but nationally. As the other states who have adopted Marriage Amendments, these laws have been and will continue to be challenged in the courts. As such, North Carolina's amendment vote next month will be used by the winning side with their arguments before the courts. This is why it is important that this amendment passes in May. We need to stand up and be counted among those states who will not sanction same-sex marriages. 

The argument has been used that the proponents of same-sex marriages want the same rights that all heterosexual Americans have. This is once again, redefining the argument. They have the same rights that heterosexual Americans have, they have the right to marry someone of the opposite sex. They want a "special" right to marry anyone they choose. This falls in the face of those attempting to draw comparisons  with the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. The Civil Rights movement was about those who were not given the same rights as white Americans, especially in the South. During this time, many Southern states had legislation that gave black restrictions on their God-given rights. However, the proponents of same-sex marriages are not trying to give them the same rights, they already have them. They want to redefine, yes, there's that word again. They want to redefine marriage to give them special rights. Why should they have "special rights"?

Marriage has been under attack for generations and it is time we stand up and make our collective voices known. It is enough. We can no longer stand by and watch our families disappear. Do you know that over 75% of all African American children are born out of wedlock? Do you realize that currently over 60% of white American babies are born out of wedlock? When did it become acceptable to be irresponsible? If it is not stopped here and now, what will be next for the family? In some countries where they have redefined marriage, people are marrying their pets. We have had cases here in the U.S. where this has occurred. Of course, they were not legal, but what is to say it is not legal if marriage is not defined. 

I imagine our founding fathers never thought in a million years that this subject would ever arise or I am sure they would have defined it in the Constitution. We have fallen so far, but it is not to late to change course and get our nation back on the right track.

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