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Weekly and Monthly economic reports - Spread the Word!


   Every week, the Obama administration releases the Weekly new claims for unemployment insurance.  These claims have been in excess of 400,000 each week. (Think about that for a moment).  Every month, the Obama Administration's Bureau of Labor Statistics issues the Employment report.  (At 4,456,000 net jobs lost through May 30th, 2011, Obama has doubled the record for job losses at this point in a Presidency).  (See my blog posts)

   Obama likes to talk about the number of new jobs created, but he never talks about the number of jobs lost, or of the net number of jobs lost.  Let's help him out using the reports that his own administration releases.

   Every week, we'll get a news report for unemployment claims.  Talk about it and spread the news.  Hundreds of thousands of people are losing their job EVERY WEEK.  Last week, 429,000 people made first time claims for unemployment insurance.  For 12 STRAIGHT WEEKS, over 400,000 people EACH WEEK have lost their job!  Spread the news!

  Every month, we get the total employment data for the labor force.  The US total labor force has declined by 4,456,000, despite millions in population growth each year.  When this data comes out, spread the news! 

   This President will go down in history as the President who caused the most job losses ever.  The Obama administration (through their Bureau of Labor Statistics www.bls.gov.) is reporting the enormous job losses every week!

   The Obama administration is providing us with the facts about the economic devastation they've caused.  Let the people know!  Spread the word! EVERY WEEK!!!

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